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Aprender sobre el presente perfecto y relacionarlo con el pasado simple. Conocer los diferentes modales. Identificar el vocabulario sobre profesiones y el tiempo.

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UD1. Todo sobre las casas (all about houses).1.1. I live in a flat.1.2. Buying new furniture.1.3. My brother has three pets.10.4. We need a plumber urgently.UD2. Vida diaria (daily life).2.1. What time do you have lunch?.2.2. What time is it?.2.3. I go to gym twice a week.2.4. Today is my birthday.UD3. Vamos al colegio (let´s go to school).3.1. My favourite subject is.3.2. Strike!.3.3. Going on a excursion.3.4. My class.UD4. Mis mejores vacaciones (my best holidays).4.1. By plane.4.2. What a hotel?.4.3. Planning our holidays.4.4. Don´t forget your passport.UD5. ¿Cuáles son tus aficiones? (what are your hobbies?).5.1. Tonight is the final!.5.2. What are you interested in?.5.3. Shall we go to the theatre?.5.4. I don´t like jazz.UD6. ¡Me encuentro mal! (i feel ill!).6.1. Parts of the body.6.2. What a headache!.6.3. How is your mother?.6.4. Having a relaxing bath.UD7. Mi futuro (my future).7.1. My new life at university.7.2. Difficult exams!.7.3. Finding my way.7.4. My future plans.UD8. ¿Quién es? (who is speaking?).8.1. Making a phone call.8.2. I can´t live without my mobile phone!.8.3. The phone is ringing!.8.4. On the phone.UD9. Experiencias (experiences).9.1. I´ve just arrived from new york.9.2. A dangerous day.9.3. Wild animals.9.4. What an embarrassing situation!.UD10. ¿Qué países has visitado? (what countries have you visited?).10.1. What is the weather like in london?.10.2. What is the capital of?.10.3. Visiting new countries.10.4. What nationality are you?.UD11. Vida moderna (modern life).11.1. I need a new computer.11.2. What´s on tv tonight?.11.3. I am listening to the radio.11.4. She is always working.